Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day is when we honor our serving military personnel. But how do we do that?

Parades? That makes the honorees work.

Speeches? They hear enough of them.

Parties? You can’t invite them all.

It is harder than that!!

You have to work at home to defend the democratic republic we have, not just trust in automatic government.

Stop voting for servants of a would be oligarchy. Vote for people who will look for the common good, take a long range views of their mission and provide for the general welfare of all, both this generation and that come after it. People who will protect our environment so that future generations will have pure water, air and food. Build up our education system not dumb it down.

Cherish and defend the rights and privileges that make us the most desired place to live on this planet.

Thank a vet or active duty person for their service is nice, but it is only a cop out if you don’t keep what we defended


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