The Future – Not Looking Nice

That’s the minimum number of Floridians who would be displaced by rising seas levels if Global Warming is not slowed or halted.
The people driven from homes and businesses will be ruined as the value of their holdings is made worthless by rising seas.
Trillions of dollars worth of real estate under water, the real not the financial kind.
Almost every city on the coast under water. The major port cities, Tampa, Jacksonville, Cape Canaveral, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Pensacola – gone!
The Everglades Agricultural Area, winter vegetable basket for much of the nation, obliterated.
All this and more will happen by the end of the century.
That is just part of the realities facing Floridians and the rest of the world if work does not begin to reverse the damage we have done to the earth.
Yet many of our leaders – Gov. Rick Scott and Senator Marco Rubio among them – are pleading ignorance by saying: “I’m not a scientist.”
Of course they know they wont be around when the final disaster strikes. It wont happen on their watch. But it will happen because they didn’t start steering things in the right direction on their watch. No massive program will be able to ameliorate the damage if they let it happen by doing nothing now.
Even if they are not going to combat Global Warming at state and local level, they could at least start planning what we do for the millions of people displaced and pauperized by the disaster of our making.
Where do the refugees go? How will they live? Where will the funds come from? How will we handle the loss of world and local trade?
The people are being lulled into a never-never land where everything goes along as usual until tragedy hits them.
The carefully couched reports say what is going to happen but they aren’t blunt enough. The fate of our children and their offspring are at stake.
One of Scott’s ads shows him disdaining the news media, but concentrating on his grandson. It is warm and fuzzy but not backed up by what he is doing for the child’s future world.
Come on, people, everything you have is on the line especially in South Florida.
I’m no scientist but I can see what has happened through the ages on earth. I can see what is happening now and I don’t need a man in a lab coat to tell me our way of life is threatened.
Let’s demand action not words and restore the balance of nature.
Increase the use of solar and wind powers, reduce dependency on fossil fuels, cut down on carbon emissions. Reduce dependency on pesticides and fertilizers.
And start now.


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