The Early Times

Sitting at home in a nearly empty house with my car in the shop for several days. And, being retired, there is not much to do but remember.

I was born in Atlanta, Georgia, during the Great Depression. When my father left my mother before my sister was born, we moved out to East Lake to live with my Grandmother and Aunt. Continue reading

The Early Times 2

Everyone probably has an stereotype image of a Hobo. During the Great Depression there were a lot of them Mostly, the were ordinary people facing hard times. There were no social networks to help them and they traveled a lot looking for a better life. Usually they were not welcome in communities because they competed for low level jobs with the locals. Continue reading

The Early Times 4

Mothers Day and I think of our mother, Mary Pepper Crankshaw. Youngest daughter Col. Kelton and Mabel Pepper, she was never given the recognition on this earth for the accomplishments of her life.

She had two older sisters, Catherine and Georgia.

As an Army child, she traveled with her parents living in the Philippines and Panama during the construction of the canal. She shared many stories about growing up in those distant places. Here are two. Continue reading